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    Hacked Mavenfall android, ios

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    • skill tokens — Knde3w.

    Mavenfall android, ios hack codes

    Marshal! I'll help you with some basics. Tap on the hero card to use skill! Playing skill cards in battle costs mana. We're
    out of mana so let's end the turn. You can draw 3 cards per turn! Unleash your daggers! They stack up in damage when used together. All summoned creature waits one turn before attacking. Gold coins unlock gold maven skill cards. Gems unlock powerful crystal maven skill cards.

    HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game Mavenfall!Ill teach you about formation. Every unit belongs to a group: front, middle, back. Notice the life icons are different for each group. Since there is only one front enemy, it is more strategic to use single attack skills. Notice you also gain 1 maximum mana per round. Maximum mana caps at 10 points. You gain Skill Tokens at level up! Use them to buy skill cards. Each character can use at most 10 skill cards
    In a battle.
    Blade dancer – back line warrior with diverse blade throwing skills. Heardmaster Brute – front line warrior with diverse group attacks. Wind Druid – mid line summoner with strong area spells. Proud owner of the Owlbear. Bloodstone knight – front line defensive warrior with burst attacks.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Mavenfall android bug codes: You unlock new hero? Add him to your team. Your druid's summon can protect your brute. You can tap and hold a card to view it's detail. Leveling up characters can earn you new skill cards as well. Access the new skills from the 'level up' tab. When you're ready, fight in the Arena against live players all over the world for epic reward! Bloodstone knight - The Bloodstone Armors are forged with pristine metal and the lite soul of the brave knights who wears them. These knights can withstands immeasurable pain and transfer them back to their unsuspecting opponents. Bonemancer - These dark mages study in the art of Necromancy and specialize in bone crafting. They can protect themselves and allies with defensive magic as well as control enemies from afar with curses.

    how to enter hack cheats Mavenfall.

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