hacking Marble Duel
  • Cheats, hack Marble Duel: gold, unlimited life, increase attack, healing, defense, crystals, offline , bonus codes, coupon ticket. Hacked game Marble Duel bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Marble Duel android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack coupon ticket - 53dres;

    • bonus codes — lokuyt;

    • offline game — oiu8it;

    • crystals— 5bn1mg;

    • gold coins — dmjiu7;

    • increase: attack, healing, defense — bfvder;

    • unlimited life — Knde3w.

    Marble Duel android, ios hack codes

    The light emerging from the closet carried Evy from the shelter into a fairy forest. Holding her only friend – her teddy bear - close to her heart, the girl cautiously started looking around...Drag the dragonfly left and right to aim. Aim at the two red spheres. Tap the target area to shoot. Use red spheres to reduce enemy health and win the battle. Swipe up and down to swap the color of the sphere to be shot. Left you can see the number of shots you have before the enemy turn.

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    Welcome game Marble Duel! Brogus, an aggressive but stupid wolf, loves a good meal ( preferably human). Sebastian considers himself a boss. He smokes cigars that are bad for his health, that's why he heals himself all the time. Use green spheres to restore your vital energy. If you use fewer turns in battle, you will get a greater reward for winning. Blue spheres create a magical shield protecting you from enemy shots. Bottom you can see your current protection level. You can reset all the crystals you've spent and redistribute your upgrades.
    Secrets cheat gameplay Marble Duel android bug codes: destroy the spinning spheres. If the circle of spheres touches the crystal of petrification, you will lose. This game - are the way to solve any dispute in a kingdom conquered by the cruel witch and her minions. Every monster you encounter will challenge you, but the power of spells will help you destroy the enemy. Master and improve the destructive power of the spheres and you will become the most fearsome mage ever! Now is not the time for mercy. It's time to eradicate the evil!

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