hacking Fantasica Bloodlines
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    Hacked Fantasica Bloodlines android, ios

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    • rare heroes — lokuyt;

    • runes — oiu8it;

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    • crystals — Knde3w.

    Fantasica Bloodlines android, ios hack codes

    I must use the last of my energy to reincarnate souls before it is too late! My powers are unstable! At this rate, my soul will dissipate before I can complete the incantation... There is no time to fuss over the vessels. I must trust in the light. Convey the souls of your faithful servants to that epoch most dire, that we might beat back the dark once more and restore the glory of your light! May one vessel be filled with the raging spirit and unbending will of the mighty deities themselves... Awaken, warrior of legend..Gus! May another be filled with consummate calm, a dauntless mind, and a peerless nobility that inspires all... Awaken, hero of legend...

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    Welcome game Fantasica Bloodlines! Using skills – when a hero's skill gauge is full, tap the icon and swipe Up to use the skill! Mastering skills – tap an enemy to lock on! To check a skill's targets, tap and hold the hero's icon! Always make sure your skills land. Tap the screen to move. When a slime appears, tap it to approach. Oncw you're in range, you'll start to attack automatically. Reduce the enemy's HP to 0 to defeat it. But be careful! If everyone's HP reached 0, you lose!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Fantasica Bloodlines android bug codes: the following preregistration rewards have been sent to your inbox: crystals, voice of the stars Konomi. Tap “charge!” to start the battle. Tap the ground to move a hero! Move near enemies to auto-attack! Ranged heroes have low defense and health. Be sure to keep them away from the enemy! Melee heroes have high defense and health! Use them to engage the enemy head-on! Never let the enemy surround you – unless you desire to croak, that is! I suggest you stick to one-on-one combat until you're gotten stronger! Defeat all the enemies to complete the quest! Clear quests to get chests!

    Tips Fantasica Bloodlines: higher quality chests – better rewards! You can view the chests in your possession at the top of the screen. It takes time to open treasure chests. But if you're feeling impatient, you can use crystals to open them right away! Chests will automatically unlock from left to right! You can only get weapons from chests! So make sure to keep an eye out for them on your journey! Charge party members with a swipe of your finger! Create the strongest party possible within the cost cap! Packs are the best way to recruit new party members! If you're lucky, you might even recruit a super strong ally!

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