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    Lords of Chaos android, ios hack codes

    Warrior is the most powerful guardian. There was a stampede of demons in the Temple Square but the Wizard was calm in the hour of peril and led the Imperial Corps counterattack. Fighting against the wizard is the same as fighting nature. The devil Ignacio has appeared in the Hall of the gods, war is imminent. The Holy priest will use the Holy Light to protect all the Imperial Corps. The sacred priest will cast spells and kindness to protect the army and influence the enemy.

    After the baptism of the war, we must get to work as there are countless things to do. The great king granted knighthood and subinfeudate this land to you. The rise of the empire depends on you...

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    Welcome game Lords of Chaos! To be kind to the weak, defend those who cannot defend themselves, against all evil to help those in need of help, to help my brother Knights and treat them as my singere friends. Congratulations on becoming a knight. Loyalty, honor, sacrifice, courage, mercy, persistance, honesty and justice will be with you always. Never forget your duty.
    Heroes are divided into the categories: average, refined, rare, epic and legendary as well as the colors, white, green, blue and orange. Businessmen are motivated by profit alone. If you need to recruit heroes, show him a few gold coins and you will surely receive the most enthusiastic of service.

    Skills Lords of Chaos: Bath Hestia breath, exile pain from the body and bring forward the vitality of life. The sacred power, lightly playing the song of sleep. For every 2 rounds, the attacker will generate a doppelganger. Illusion - once the doppelganger has received damage 3 times, they will inherit 100% of damage. Holy shield – the round following every 2 attacks will see your whole army receive a blood angel shield, the strength of which will be 20% of the angel's HP. Duel – for every 3 rounds, fighting the same enemy continuously for 3 rounds, each time drawing blood, will see you recover 50% of your life value. Stab – for every 3 rounds, continue with an additional three attacks. Chain lighting – for every 3 rounds, the attack will be passed to a maximum of 3 enemies, with the damage of each transmission reduced by 20%.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Lords of Chaos android bug codes: Hall - this is the center of the city and every day we collect taxes to ensure the security and prosperity of the city. The last words in combat make unpleasant hearing. In combat, don't forget to utilize your skills of magic and strength to overcome your inferior opponent. Forge – this is the factory where equipment is forged. Craftsmen can forge equipment to greatly enhance your heroes attributes at anytime. By using gems during forging equipment can be upgraded immediately.

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