Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
  • Free Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hacks, cheats, code on crystal, shard, credit, data card, xp, energy.

    Welcome! Allow me to introduce you to galaxy of heroes. This holotable game can be your path to fame and fortune. drag the data card into the holotable.

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    Complete battles to earn Player xp and collect crystals, shards, credits and other items. You earned enough crystals to purchase your first data card! Characters Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes can be found in data cards and assembled whith shards.

    cheats, hacks for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

    • UefEVa - chromium data card. Drops one of the following: 1 or 2 star characters including characters from the Arena Shipments, shards, blue gear or gear materials.;
    • EA1ng5 - cheats: crystals;
    • c67xyx - shards;
    • OmODjl - credits;
    • sWXMno - bronzium DC;
    • 3Ijsyr - aurodium data card ;
    • EltUsI - hack Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: XP;
    • et5bJ2 - training droid whic is used to train your characters;
    • r2SPJM - cheats: level up;
    • DY8zmH - energy;
    • jYrszY - character's full gear set;
    • t6oyij - mk 1;
    • SNVuTR - 6 stars characters;

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