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    Hacked Heroes Story android, ios

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    Heroes Story android, ios hack codes

    After many years of war... Our little heroes had finally been able to capture both statues. The two of them together symbolized strength and power. Peace started to reign in this big world.. But one day... A dark force came to this world and created many statues that stone nearly all the energy of theirs... Due to their number, our little heroes had no choices but to run far away. And that's when they found a secret island. Now, it's time to go back and fight them! Please, warriors, destroy all the evil statues that exist, and bring the peace back to this world!

    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game Heroes Story! Seedonia – they draw their power from nature to enhance their capacities and poison enemies. Nethereld – they attack in horde and use ice spells to slow down enemies. Your goal is to destroy your opponent's statue...Within the given time. Enemies defend their statue. They will stay in position until they see one of your heroes. You can have up to 4 heroes. To spawn a hero on the battlefield, click on his portrait and hold your finger. Did you know you can move your heroes even if they already are on the battlefield?

    Secrets cheat gameplay Heroes Story android bug codes: you can switch factions later on if you wish. Your hero will run toward the enemy statue or toward the enemy statue or toward an enemy if it comes in his field of view. The start zone expands as your lead hero is running. When a hero is spawned, his portrait changes and represents his skill. Tap his skill once it's ready to cast it! Fight bravely until the enemy is dead! If the last enemy died, your hero will move toward your opponent's statue and will hit it.

    Tips Heroes Story: the mage has an area of effect ability. Drag the skill onto the battlefield to deal damage to multiple enemies. You can revive as many times as you want! Just wait the time your hero rest. Now you know pretty much everything about how to lead your heroes to victory. Now, go and destroy all the evil statues. The totem of prosperity helps the heroes to advance in their quests by giving them an additional gold bonus. When this totem is upgraded, gold will come by itself every minute.
    Heroes: Trajan is an experienced swordsman. He has no fear and is ready to save the world from those evil statues. Coral has trained with the greatest magicians out there. Now, she has the power to create tsunamis! Michael is god's messenger. His players will never let you down. Roxelana only wants one thing: to burn everything. For peace, of course.

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