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  • Cheats, hack Legacy Quest: gold coins, skulls, cubelets, legacy points, souls, talents, promo tickets. Hacked game Legacy Quest bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Legacy Quest android, ios

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    • legacy points — Knde3w.

    Legacy Quest android, ios hack codes

    For countless generations your Kin fought the forces of evil. Over time evil crew stronger and with every soul taken..your family lost more of its former glory. Use your mighty thumb to move! Tap the attack button to smash barrels! Smashed objects and monsters drop gold a treasured resource needed to craft or upgrade items and to rebuild your castle. Collect souls from slain monsters, a powerful resource needed to strengthen your hero family and to resurrect fallen heroes.

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    Welcome game Legacy Quest! Skills are powerful but consume mana. Open the backpack and equip a different weapon. Access the backpack to manage the hero's equipment and available. Cubelets are material needed to craft weapons, armor or jewelry back in the castle. Legacy points are rewarded for completing achievements. Rebuild your legacy and receive precious legacy chests.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Legacy Quest android bug codes: become overlord to get extra rewards. You can't open your backpack while in combat. Only you can recruit new heroes from the keep. Castle – upgrade to increase the available spots for heroes in your yard and the selection of heroes available to recruit from the keep. Whenever one of us dies you can always recruit a new hero from the keep. Talent tree – use souls from slain monsters to unlock talents and to increase attributes of all your heroes. Use souls to increase your three main attributes: strength, dexterity and intellect. Each of the three attributes is associated with a pool of special talents.

    Tips Legacy Quest: increasing the same attribute five times unlocks a special talent of your choice. Take a look at the special talents first before you make a choice. Each day you get a new quest. Check back daily to earn the most skulls. Tap the gate to leave the castle and head to drowned meadows. Upgrade your keep to increase the amount of heroes to recruit from and have in your hero yard. All messages in your inbox have an expiration date. Hero xp is rewarded for each gathered soul from slain monsters. Train your hero as soon as the hero's xp bar is filled.

    how to enter hack cheats Legacy Quest.

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