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  • Cheats, hack Kingdom Slayer: resources gold, wheat, soul shard, hire hero, unlimited keys, crystal gem, cash. Hacked game Kingdom Slayer bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Kingdom Slayer android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • crystal gem — 3truyt;

    • construction agency — 1iu8it;

    • unlimited keys — 5bn1mg;

    • hire hero instantly — mmjiu7;

    • soul shard — ufvder;

    • resources: gold, wheat — Knde3w.

    Kingdom Slayer android, ios hack codes

    Black dragon showed up blazing five cities. Making things worse, monster and undead corps appeared at outskirt of the empire and slaughtered people. These sudden calamity threw the empire into turmoil and the civil wars among nobles began as the emperor stepped down from the throne. Powerful nobles took other weaker nobles' land. The world turned into a living hell. It was the start of the endless civil war. At this age of chaos, it was always the weak and the poor who suffer most. Is there no hope in the world any more? Is there a hero who will end all these chaos?

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    Welcome game Kingdom Slayer! The legend began quietly from a backcountry territory. I'm cheat-on, the sole maid who stays in this place ruined by monster's attack. From now on I will do my best to support you, my lord. You need money to rule the territory. Develop the gold mine to make gold, and you need gold to run the land. You can build defense facility and other buildings with gold coin from gold mine. Also you need gold coin to hire a hero or to make weapons. I feel nervous as we have many gold. There are monsters around here. So we need to store gold safely. Construct Gold Storage. When I was a child, people in our land were always short of foods. If you develop farms and solve their food shortage, they will gladly fight for you.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Kingdom Slayer android bug codes: to select a building, touching the bottom part of the building is most accurate. Construct Wheat Field and collect foods. Foods can be used to build more buildings, and to recruit soldiers. You just built a gold storage for gold. Just like that you need Wheat Storage to store wheat. Adventurers have their own soldiers so that they can become the territory's corps instantly. If you ask Adventurer Guild, you can check any Adventurer's rank. Well! Now you shall hire competent adventurers and let them command your army. Construct Adventurer Guild where adventurers can take a rest.

    Tips Kingdom Slayer: You have to construct Military Headquarters to protect the territory. I know you were a commoner war hero promoted to a noble. Even so you need corps to guard our land. Select the upper shiny vacant slot and then one of the heroes below to form corps. Do you want to know who is the hero leading your corps? Select the assigned hero to see the information or to remove the hero from the corps. Now check the gear item heroes equip. See the four slots at the right? Touch there to equip heroes with owned gear items. Heroes need high quality gears to fight better. Gear items can be made later at the territory or obtained by winning battles. Campaign - if you win at the Campaign, you obtain Feudal EXP, but you need to spend one key to try it. The other battle mode Quest can be played without the limit. If you defeat all enemies or deal more damage than opponent does within the Limit, you win.

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