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    Gulong Heroes android, ios hack codes

    Good boy, do you know about some events which have taken place in the Jianghu recently as you're leaving the
    valley? Chu Liuxiang, Li Xunhuan and Lu Xiaofeng are all famous heroes in the Jianghu. The treasures are safe for the time being as they'll resist those who hatch a sinister plot. The last thing, I discovered a letter in the interiayer of your swaddling clothes, which was left by Yan Nantian before entering the valley by holding you because he was afraid he would be in danger. There is a name in the letter to whom Yan Nantian originally intended to assign you. Find him holding this letter after leaving the valley and he will try to help you. Wan Chunliu gave Jiang Xiaoyu a letter...

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    Welcome game Gulong Heroes! Tap on a companion icon to summon him and help you fight. Summon to get characters or items. A player may summon companion once per battle. Summoned companion can only fight for 20 seconds. Make sure you only summon them at the right time! Little helper can help you out when you don't know what to do. Use EXP Pellet to level up your hero. Heroes grow more powerful as they gain levels. Clear the tower challenge to gain Ancient coins which can be used to buy items only available in the ancient coin store! Don't forget to check the store. A lot of useful equipment and hero shards are available there! Collect hero shards to limit break and greatly boost their stats!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Gulong Heroes android bug codes: the more difficult it is to get, the stronger desire i'll have for it. Collect heroes can not only expand you active team, but complete bonds to greatly boost the abilities of other heroes! Press skill icon to use skill, tap on an enemy to attack. Enable auto-navigate to move and perform normal attacks automatically. With full charge, you may perform devastating ultimate. You make power up your characters to make them stronger. Characters will get a stats boost after consuming materials. Consume all required material to power up and get a big stats boost! Some materials can be crafted. Hero qualities from high to low are as follow: red, golden, purple, blue.

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