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    Hacked hero of legends android, ios

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    hero of legends android, ios hack codes

    The mysterious Land of Westero has been a cradle of countless lives, witnessing the rise and fall of different civilizations through out history. Life of an peaceful era has gone by, the land was awaken by spooky hoofs from Inferno... Devils lock their eyes on the exuberant, magical power encompassing the land of Westero, a grim agression is about to wage. Beasts in the forest are polluted in a frenzy while bewitched peoples can't stop warring for being sowed discord, not even the Saints and the Deads can escape that control. Well, the most horrible rumor has it that the Angels, who are empowered to master life and death, have become their servants. People rise up and resist the brutal invation rather than sitting still. The bravest warriors among them pledge to fight and eradicate all the evil power and bring peace back to the world. And you, will be the writer of their legend.

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    Welcome game hero of legends!That was a quiet villiage in deep forest where human beings got along well with the beasts. Until one day, the beasts suddenly became freaken out and started attacking mankind. The cruel Devils had pieced human and beasts together to make fierce monsters, who had totally lost their mindsf They walked up straight while their sharp teeth could crunch your bone... Warriors must find ways to defeat them to protect the villiages!
    The position of hero is the key to every fight. Please learn to adjust your position before your fight. Click GO button, you will move forward to do exploration, during which you might get rewards of have to fight with confront monsters. When the exploration is done, you will confront the guarding boss. Heroes can be upgraded in upgrading interface to get more attribute value and combat abilities.

    Secrets cheat gameplay hero of legends android bug codes: your power will be enhanced by completing quests, and at the same time you can gather more partners. However, completing quests will consume your stamina. You are not alone! Every time you start to complete your quest, you can choose a friend or ask a stranger player to help you. Each friend can help you one time every 30 minutes. Invite more strong friends. Heroes of the same profession may have different combat abilities. Heroes should meet the leader points requirement, your leadership level is crucial for a team. Click replace button or add button to put new heroes into your team. In game 4 professions: warrior, assassin, mage and priest.

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