tech deck skateboarding
  • Free tech deck skateboarding hacks, cheats, code on energy, cash, tune up, gold.

    You need to be someone in start gaming. Please select a character. Hey, i've heard about you. Mad skills and all that. Course, can't believe everything you hear, right?

    HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
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    So you wanna become a skete legend? Let's see you skate this alleyway.
    HINT: completing all of today's Daily sessions increases tomorow's rewards! WQhen you see a tap icon, tap anywher on the screen. The perfect time to tap is just as the outer circle reaches the center. Arrow icons indicate that a swipe is required. When you see an arrow icon, swipe the screen in the direction indicated.
    Buying strickers increases the cash bonus tech deck skateboarding you receive at the end of a run. The more you buy, the more the bonus. Decks are you key to better scores. Every board you buy improves your stats and scores, you want to collect as many as possible. Low on cash or gold? you can always get more in the currency store( the + sign at the top-right corner of the menu).
    You might not be ready for a tournament. Gain some experience. Arm yourself with some more boards. You may whip these locals yet. You should check out ladder, it's a great way to improve your skills.

    cheats, hacks for tech deck skateboarding

    • UefEVa - cash;
    • EA1ng5 - cheats: energy;
    • c67xyx - tune up;
    • OmODjl - combos nailed;
    • sWXMno - perfect streak;
    • 3Ijsyr - gold;

    Cheats, hacks on game tech deck skateboarding free and only letter code. Only enter cheats

  • how and where enter
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