hacking DreamWorks Universe of Legends
  • Cheats, hack Universe of Legends: shards, stamina, moon summon, gold coins, dreamstone, crystals, moons. Hacked game DreamWorks Universe of Legends bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked DreamWorks Universe of Legends android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • unlimited stamina — 3fruyt;

    • free moon summon — 1iu8it;

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    • moons — 1trte4;

    • gold coins — 1ed34w;

    • dreamstone — Knde3w.

    DreamWorks Universe of Legends android, ios hack codes

    Tell Po where to go by tapping on the ground. Direct character to attack by tapping on enemies. Tap on hero portrait to release his super skill. It's time to revuild the Hideaway. But first, you'll need to gather allies and build a strong team to return the dreamstones. Returning a dreamstone will grant you a permanent bonus, different every time. The universe rewards harmony.

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    Welcome game DreamWorks Universe of Legends! The droplets have tasted energy they were not meant to taste, and now they know truths they've never know before. Heroes from every world will fight by your side. Let me show you a secret master Oogway showed me:the heroes' altar, through which you'll summon friends both familiar and new. Place it wherever you like. Know that moons will improve your odds of summoning a powerful hero. Eventually you can bring up to five heroes on your adventures.

    Secrets cheat gameplay DreamWorks Universe of Legends android bug codes: the heroes' altar summons heroes from the many worlds. Tap the icon of the Hero you want to control. Our new friend wants to help out, but he's a little too weak. Why don't you give him an xp potion? It will significantly improve his ability to fight. I leave you now to your adventures, dragon warrior, with no more interruptions. I'll teach you more things as you encounter them, but for now, fight on! There are many world to explore. Moons – the basic currency of game, used for various useful items. Collect 10 shards to summon hero.

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