hacking Might Mayhem
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    Might Mayhem android, ios hack codes

    Prince of a Human race who is still too young to be good at battles and politics. He's trying to defeat elf and demon by mastering weapons and spells. I am questbot, loyal servant to the mighty Lord Bot, and you are a trespasser. By the looks of your puny castle, it's clear you can't pay the tribute Lord Bot demands. That means you'll have to fight! Fighters from across the realm have been waiting for a new hero to lead them. Each fighter brings different skills.

    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game Might Mayhem! The human Lords may have fied the Kingdom, but the mighty Lord Bot remains to defend the real. Leave now or his loyal Lancer Bot will impale you! Looking out across the edge of the realm, the Watch tower houses a proud collection or robots who make up the last remnants of the Old Kingdom.
    When the dragons swept through, the bombastic robot assigned to guard the tower retreated and cowered in the cellar, and his masters abandoned the land. A power vacuum resulted, and the golden-grilled bot proclaimed himself Lord Bot of the Watchtower, and gathered his minions to defend his claim.
    Knight Errant – he's a tough attacker who can absorb damage to allies! Shield keeper- she deals hight damage and can evade incoming attacks. Swordsman – he's a quick and agile fighter who can dodge attacks! Bandit girl – she shuts down healers and has the chance to deal critical damage. Sorcerer – his cheap heals and lightning attack can cast for free! Priestess – she's a versatile healer who can boost her own power!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Might Mayhem android bug codes: defeating a boss on all 3 difficulties awards you their unique flag! Use gems to instantly finish your fighter's training. Defeat enemies in world events to unlock them in the event shop. Reduce the enemy's health to zero and you'll win the battle. Watch the health bars and battle text to keep track of damage. Keep winning battles to collect treasure chests. Higher difficulty missions give bigger and better rewards. Orbs permanently boost your troops' stats. Collect and craft different items to improve and evolve your troops! Upgrade items in the workshop to improve their stat boosts or to assist fighter evolution!

    Tips: all abilities cost action points (AP). The counter below shows how many points you have this turn. Each round adds more AP so you can plan ahead and use more abilities. Your most powerful abilities require more AP. Some enemies are more dangerous than others.

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