hacking House Of Heroes
  • Cheats, hack House Of Heroes: gold, gems crystal, lucky points, hero altar, leadership, tavern limit, energy. Hacked game House Of Heroes bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked House Of Heroes android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack gem crystal - q2bres;

    • gold coins — 4fruyt;

    • hero altar — 1iu8it;

    • lucky player reward— rrn1mg;

    • increase leadership, tavern limit — e2rte4;

    • unlimited energy — 2ed34w;

    • lucky points — fnde3w.

    House Of Heroes android, ios hack codes

    The harassment from our enemy is getting more and more often, we are going to fight back now. Lead your heroes to your adventure. I will accompany you to be stronger! You can bring maximum 5 heroes. Hero in leader's position can be hired by other players to obtain bounty for you. Click to enter stages, there are several sub-stages in every stage. Click to enter sub-stage, a new sub-stage will be unlocked after you clear 1 sub-stage. Beat the boss to stand a chance to get following rewards.

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    Welcome game House Of Heroes! In the battle strength heroes play as tank with high HP which can take more damage. You can hire other player's bounty heroes to help you by spending some gold. Click on the bounty icon to check the its detail. Substitute heroes position – when any hero from your line up dies, the substitute hero will be teleported to the battleground. You can mop-up if stages are completed with 3 stars. Strength heroes have more HP. Lucky points will be added after every use of altar/ advanced altar. You will definitely get your lucky hero when you lucky points are full. Leadership points will raised by 1 for every level up.

    Secrets cheat gameplay House Of Heroes android bug codes: tavern expansion can increases tavern's capacity. Intellect items will increase mana and damage of INT heroes. Remember to go to the golden mine when you need more gold. Expansion of bag increases bag's capacity. Sheep from the experience farm provides large amount of experience. You can use repair hammer to repair broken items. Blue cards can be obtained from normal stages. You have mastered the basic techniques! Enjoy your adventure and I will see you later!

    how to enter hack cheats House Of Heroes.

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