hacking Assault Corps
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    Hacked Assault Corps android, ios

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    • open all robots — 4fruyt;

    • vip status — 1iu8it;

    • fuel — rrn1mg;

    • unlimited ammo — vkkte4;

    • gold coins— 2ed34w;

    • ore — dnde3w.

    Assault Corps android, ios hack codes

    Swords Mg is a small robot with machine gun. It's good at attacking fast moving lightweight units. 3000 is the initial capital when you start. Occupy more resource buildings will help you shorten production time of your unit. Click the location of the flashing object to move your unit. Just click once, without multiple clicks! Slide the screen horizontally to rotate your view. Do not move until your have captured the resource building. After occupied resource building: you and your team will get income per minute!

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    Welcome game Assault Corps! PLZ05 is a self-propelled howitzer. It is good at precision striking distant units on the ground. PLZ05 can use ATG to attack mobile target. Unlock unit – longer rental time, cheaper price. Badboy is a small size self explode robot. It's good at attacking units on the ground that close to you. Swords mortal is a small robot with a mortal, it is suitable to strike fixed targets. Assault robot is a small with missile. It has good accuracy on attacking ground and air units. Stryker is an armored fighting vehicle. Its fast speed made it good on attacking slow units on the ground.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Assault Corps android bug codes: you can still play 8 rounds single player game. Extra rounds require single player card! Occupy more resource buildings to gain more money. Vip can re spawn immediately. Your unit will auto fire the target, note: do not let the self explode robot close to you! You need to keep moving, avoid enemy attacks. Drag the slider to select the amount you want to buy. Production of heavy howitzer and use it to attack enemy. Destroy the enemy's command center, to win the battle.

    how to enter hack cheats Assault Corps.

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