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    Hacked Epic Dragons android, ios

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    Epic Dragons android, ios hack codes

    Mother of dragons! We need to protect our home and our crystals. We need your help to stop him. Are you ready for battle? Choose which dragons and abilities you want to take with you into battle from menu. Drop the dragon buttons over bottom in order to bring them into battle. Prevent your enemies from reaching the exit by hatching dragons to block and attack and by using your magic abilities. Tap the egg icon. Touch the ground to hatch a dragon. Footmen are usually weak and slow enemies that are easy to stop.

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    Welcome game Epic Dragons! Improve your score by forcing your enemies to walk over stars by blocking their path with dragons. Crate dragons by tapping the egg button. Activate special abilities by tapping them. Trolls are weak but very fast. Use ice dragons to slow them. Minotaurs are strong enemies. The fire and flamethrower dragons inflict extra damage to them. Gargoyles are weak but fast. They can fly over trees, rocks, and dragons. Stone golems are strong and slow. They occasionally smash the ground, stunning nearby dragons.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Epic Dragons android bug codes: catapults are very slow but very strong. The flamethrower dragon inflicts extra damage to them. Skeletons cannot be slowed by ice. The lightning and beam dragons inflict extra damage to them. Goo are weak and fast. Upon dying, they split into 2 smaller and faster pieces. Sandworms tunnel underneath the ground and can only be damage when they surface. Dwarves are very strong and can only be damage when attacked from behind.

    how to enter hack cheats Epic Dragons.

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