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    One month ago, the World Liberation army launched a surprise attack on Venice, Italy. Former U.S. Marine Caydan Phoenix was sent to Venice as part of a Special Forces unit provided by Gilman Security.

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    Following the mission in Venice modern combat 5 blackout, Caydan Phoenix returned to gilman HQ in Tokyo. Upon arrival, he requested an off-site secret meeting with his commander, Sophie "Roux" Daviau.

    The daughter of a military commander, Roux lived in multiple countries before eventually settling in the US to pursure a career in the military. It's unknown whether her nickname "Roux" comes from the color of her hair or her fiery temper.

    The daughter of japanese diplomat modern combat 5 blackout, Miku Kubo was born in Handa, Japan, but spent much of her late teens travelling before pursuing a career in nursing. She is roux's trusted confidant and would do anything to help her friend.

    Roux modern combat is a competent leader and a skilled soldier. She is currently employed By Gilman Security as an operations supervisor. Caydan Phoenix falls under her command.
    The raiders are a street gang who used the chaos created by the Tokyo attack to expand their reach and power. Under the banner of "claiming the streets," they pillage and kidnap to fund their assault on Tokyo.
    Gilman security modern combat 5 blackout is considered to be the wold's leading security firm. With HQs in multiple regions, Gilman has led operations in all key international conflicts in the last two years. The organization is renowned for its exceptionall skilled teams and high mission success rates.

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