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    Hacked Kingdom Story android, ios

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    Kingdom Story android, ios hack codes

    Many officers of the world are aiming for Xiao castle. Upgrade your base before moving on to domination. Food is used for battle. Harvest food from the farm first. Touch the icon or the farm to harvest. Bottom is a building available for construction, according to the red badge. You can enter more battles when there is a lot of food. Monarch experience is given when the construction is completed. Complete challenges to collect gold ingots! Check Red Badge when you want to know the Challenge progress.

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    Welcome game Kingdom Story!Stage rush is available when the stage has been cleared with three stars. A warrior blocks enemy attacks in the front row. A marshal is an officer who can perform both melee and ranged attacks. Bow master is an officer who does ranged attacks with a bow as a main weapon. A strategist attacks and confuses enemies, while protecting allies with powerful skills. You can make stronger troops through Team Bonus. Cheng - Officer of the yellow turban rebellion. Huo Jun – fought against ten thousands of enemies in only a year. Also killed the enemy commander. Predicting the enemy is a talent. Skill Books are regularly produced in the Academy.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Kingdom Story android bug codes: officer's energy is full? Cast skill! Reinforcing officers in the ancient hall is the shortcut to victory. Touch the return button to go back to the base. Chain skill is automatically casted when targets are affected by stun, knock down, silence, or confusion. The higher your vip level is, the better your attendance reward. Play 7 days and get rewards! Event finished after 31 days. Attendance reward is sent to mailbox. You can use Skill Books to upgrade Skills. The second skill of an Officer is automatically activated according to the situation. You can deal powerful damage with Chain Skills. Do you need more Skill Books? Construct
    an Academy to regularly gain Skill Books.

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