hacking Call of Duty Siege
  • Cheats, hack Call of Duty Siege: resource platinum, action points, open immediately epic supply drop, cod points. Hacked game Call of Duty Siege bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Call of Duty Siege android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack upgrade - rfrres;

    • cod points — 4fruyt;

    • epic supply drop — 1iu8it;

    • open immediately — gln1mg;

    • credits (CP) — vkkte4;

    • Action points (AP) — 4ed34w;

    • resource: platinum — dnde3w.

    Call of Duty Siege android, ios hack codes

    You arrived just on time commander! We're about to take this stronghold from the settlement. Our goal is to destroy their power cores: the 2 small ones in the front are sub power cores. Destroy them and you can deploy troops inside the enemy base. The big one there at the back is the main Power core! Destroy that and we've accomplished our mission! Let's start with deploying your troops! You can drag a unit card into the green deployment area to send it into battle Wow, looks like you're really getting the hang of this! Now you're on your own, use everything you've got to take them own, us down!

    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game Call of Duty Siege! Great victory. Commander. You received a supply drop for your hard work in there. Commander, welcome to your new ship, the Retribution. My name is cheat-on and i've been assigned as your advisor. We've dealt the settlement defense front a major blow, but they still hold several key bases here on Earth. Never run into an enemy base blind! Before attacking, it's always best to scout an enemy base and get an idea of what they have waiting for you. Card manager - Here you can edit your attack deck. Select the ca just received and add them to your attack deck. Assault – a well balanced team of 5 lightly armored human units. Great for supporting a full assault!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Call of Duty Siege android bug codes: Did you notice the number on the top left corner of the card icons? When you deploy a unit or use a score streak it will cost you "Action Points" or "AP" for short from your total AP meter. You'll start, each battle with a set amount of AP. To get more, you need to destroy the enemy defenses. See the AP number on tower? That's how much AP you'll get back after you destroy it. Tap attack to start the battle. Upgrading cards is necessary to increase your attack power. As a bonus, it also gives you experience towards your player level! Don't forget to add your new cards to your attack deck before attacking! Remember. Energy weapons deal more damage to robots. Ballistic weapons deal more damage to human units. Keep this in mind while planning your attack.

    how to enter hack cheats Call of Duty Siege.

  • how and where enter
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