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    Hacked RollerCoaster android, ios

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    RollerCoaster android, ios hack codes

    My name is cheat-on and I will be your guide. First, let me show you how to move around. Tap and drag to move the camera. Pinch and spread to zoom in and out. Rotate with two fingers to rotate the camera. TO build in your park, you need cards. Come back frequently and tap on icon to claim free card packs! All your cards can be found in the build menu. Cards are sorted by categories. To place the building, drag it into the park. Missions are actives you can complete for rewards. When a mission is completed, you can claim its rewards. A new mission will be automatically generated. PARK VALUE Indicates the contribution of every ride, service or decoration to your parks overall value. Each Individual score includes the construction cost, but also the card upgrade cost.

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    Welcome game RollerCoaster! Your visitors are called “peeps” and they need paths to access rides and other buildings. Simply trace a path with your finger, to connect the park entrance. You can move the camera to get a different perspective. In this mode, you can scroll, rotate, and zoom freely. Tap again on the menu icon to close it, and get back to the park. Rides generate coins but have limited storage. Come back and collect coins before the storage is full, or the ride will eventually break. You can interact with any item placed in your park just select it. The peep count reveals the composition of your visitors: kids, teens, and adults. Depending on their age, peeps prefer different types of rides. Make sure to have enough diversity. DECORATION shows how your rides are boosted by surrounding decorations. Remember that decorated rides provide a fun boost to Peeps.

    Secrets cheat gameplay RollerCoaster android bug codes: pay attention to the needs of your peeps. Look at the ride's information panel: you can move it, change the entrance fee, check its storage and even rewiev its detailed stats. Active rides ( connected to the park's entrance) fulfill your peeps' need for fun. Tap on the peeps satisfaction icon to check their various needs. Peeps need fun, and they also need food and go to the bathrooms. Fulfill all their needs to keep them happy and attract even more peeps to your park. Park value shows ho much you have invested by building activities, but also by upgrading cards, and expanding your land. The diversity and the quality of decorations are key to attract more peeps. Happy Peeps stay longer in your park, generate more revenue, and even recommend your park lo other Peeps! HAPPY PEEPS is the key lo YOUR SUCCESS!

    Tips RollerCoaster: Select a Ride and review its important stats: Excitement. Intensity and Nausea, and other performance indicators. Peeps appreciate different types of rides If a Peep chooses to board a ride that he doesn't really like, it won't maximize his fun, and it can can even make him sick. A ride with a high EXCITEMENT level provides more fun. Heatmaps display trends to help you manage park finances and Peep satisfaction. The satisfaction value represents the boost of Fun, Food or Hygiene delivered by rides, restaurants, shops and bathrooms, to each Peep interacting with it. Revenue displays the number of coins generated by rides, restaurants and shops per hour. Don't forget to check the park entrance too! Peep load indicates how busy rides and services are. Full capacity means more revenue, but also a need to build more rides or services.

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