hacking Soul of Legends
  • Cheats, hack Soul of Legends: new heroes, free item store, master soul, level up, increase damage,. Hacked game Soul of Legends bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Soul of Legends android, ios

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    • increase damage, mp, hp — gln1mg;

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    • master soul — 4jutrw;

    • free item store — nhme3w.

    Soul of Legends android, ios hack codes

    Noxx – he was once an assassin. Once made a target, they never survive the day and the last thing they see is Knoxxs red scarf. Skill: dagger – throw a sharp piece of bone to cause bleeding, penetration and speed reduction. Smoke – release thick fog to decrease enemy speed. For team troops, speed and evasion rate increases. Hide – disappear from the enemy sight while increasing movement speed and skill damage. Gale - approach and slash enemy with rapid speed, them return. For general attack, cooldown time is slightly reduced.
    Allen – he is specialized in close combat and well experienced in leading the troops. Skills: Strike – widely swing a double ax. Leap – leap up and strike down enemy,. Stunning them for a certain period. Steel armor – ignore all damages for a certain period. Final blow – strike down ground causing a shock wave and gives a severe damage.

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    Welcome game Soul of Legends! Sopia – can handle any kinds of guns. She also has great eyesight so can shoot the faraway enemies. Skills: smash – stun enemy for few seconds with butt plate of a rifle. Quick fire – load bullets faster and increases attack speed. Flare – throw a flare to slow down enemy and give minor damage. Head shot – shoot accurately with her self made bullets.
    Eileen – she is a born magician with abilities specialized in AOE utilizing elemental magic. Skills: Thunder bolt – damages surrounding enemies with thunder. Fire bolt – attacks with a ball of fire. Also cause damage to surrounding enemies. Teleportation – teleport towards desired direction. Meteor – throw huge meteor to cause damage to vast area.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Soul of Legends android bug codes: Kino – is a machine with magical powers. He mas made to fight against enemy forces with magic and arrows. Skills: tornado – stun and give damage to an enemy with tornado. Fire arrow – shoot a fire arrow to give fire damage. High voltage – releases high voltage to damage and stun enemy. Strong arrow – strengthened arrow will damage enemy for a certain time.camera lock fixes the screen to the hero. In the sanctuary, HP and MP are automatically recovered. You can always use recall during battle. Camera lock fixed the screen to the hero.

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