hacking Heroes Charge 3D
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    Hacked Heroes Charge 3D android, ios

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    Heroes Charge 3D android, ios hack codes

    You are bound to be a great hero. Embark on the road and destroy the enemy. Tap hero's avatar, he will join your fighting team. Tap on our hero's avatar to release ultimate skill! Tap the GO button to continue moving forward! There are 2 kinds of battle modes: manual and auto. The spells of ice mage is very powerful, bring her to your team. Your partner is calling for you! Let's start the journey now! To encourage your hard work, I will give you one more little surprise.

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    Welcome game Heroes Charge 3D! On the other side, the city under the rule of the human prince
    Ryen has suffered the attack from the undead, he decided to carry out a massacre! Add dwarf to your team. He is a rare hero that is hard to get. Even though heroes are great, powerful equipments will make. The new weapon looks very impressive. These equipment are also built by excellent craftsmen! Every night the rewards from arena rank in the mailbox will be doubled. If your team reach level 10, you will get 1000 gems per day. You will get epic items for sure with multiple draws. 1 extra chance for 10 times draw. Tap and hold down on experience's icon to add hero experience level.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Heroes Charge 3D android bug codes: opening with coins for the first time will give you gems. You can draw the gems chest every 5 times everyday for free. 10X opening will give you at least one excellent quality item. Opening with gems for the first time will give you a hero. Draw once more, it will award a 3 star hero definitely! For the first month of server opening, players have a chance to receive free gems from completing common and elite campaign instances. During the event time, players report in game bugs on cheat-on will receive great rewards!

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