Dark Ares
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    Last hiting in Monster Arena or looting point items also increases your score!Hp pot will be used automatic in auto combat while you are in danger Dark Ares. Jion the Fel-drake Counter to get Gold.

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    Archer - a supernaturally proficient ercher who imbues weapons of choce with powerful magic, instilling fear in all.
    Warlock - an enigmatic oriental sage who favors the staff and fan, evoking spirirual [owers to release unbridled magic.
    Berserker - easily irritable warior of stout build. Uses Greatswords and fists.
    Assassin - sensual, yet radiating a chilling aura of darkness. Adept with the dagger and scimitar, delivering death from the stillness.
    Highler LV HP and DEF gems give you the edge in battle.

    cheats, hacks for Dark Ares

    • cvKBtA - stamina;
    • c5pSpA - cheats: resources;
    • N7kAfM - S grade;
    • rrVNs3 - Misty abyss;
    • Wgmauk - Experience (Exp);
    • g05rJF - purple item;
    • 7DiUUU - Dragontune rune;
    • ittN65 - s-grade dungeon chest
    • AcREbx - hack Dark Ares: gold;
    • exq29h - Health gem;
    • s6Ftk0 - Blue dragon soul;
    • cSkrJz - crystal;
    • l4FWys - mystical rune;
    • t4rjPv - Vip 6 status is permament.
    • 770gIM - cheats Dark Ares: diamonds;
    • syXnvN - orange grade items;
    • UZIXXq - wooden chest;
    • Z6cccG - offline

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