hacking Contract Killer Sniper
  • Cheats, hack Contract Killer Sniper: gold, diamonds, unlimited energy, vip, cash, auto aim, ingots, offline. Hacked game Contract Killer Sniper bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Contract Killer Sniper android, ios

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    • gold ingots— HTksoi ;

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    • unlimited energy — Ywzmug ;

    • auto aim — ght4re ;

    • diamonds — ykhGtL .

    Contract Killer Sniper android, ios hack codes

    You thought you'd be a military man all your life. Just like your dad. But the military's hogtied by red tape these days, tooo bound up by politics to act. Then she showed up...She said she worker for “ the agency”, an elite, off the record pmc that administers justice when regular law enforcement can't. She said her boss is buck sawyer, your grizzled mentor from your black ops days. She said he needs a new apprentice. It's your first day.. and it all just went to hell. The agency has assigned you a new contract rookie. Select it to learn more about. Dying in missions? Keep medkit on hand to get you through the toughest fights. You can upgrade your health in the base upgrades.

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    Welcome game Contract Killer Sniper! The next contract is more up close and personal. You will need an assault rifle to complete this mission. One shot, one kill. That's a sniper's credo, but the ability to empty 30 rounds into a target in three seconds doesn't exactly suck. Touch the screen and drag to move camera. Aim at the enemy and tap fire button to shoot. Take down the remaining enemies. Upgrade you base often to strengthen your defenses and protect your diamonds. Play open contracts to earn extra cash and experience rewards. In assault missions, you will need to move through the target area to engage the enemy. To avoid all damage from incoming enemy rockets, move to another cover point.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Contract Killer Sniper android bug codes: tap the arrow to change cover. Grenades and rockets are vary effective at taking out groups of nearby enemies. Head shots inflict far more damage to your targets. Line them up for faster kills. Locate your target by moving your weapon's crosshairs over each enemy to identify them. Contracts will get more dangerous over time. You are sometimes required to increase the power of your weapon in order to accept new contracts. Each upgrade will increase the power of your weapon, unlocking new contracts to complete. Using knives allows you to eliminate enemies without being spotted. This mission requires you to move to the target location and plant a bobm. Once planted, the bomb's timer will start and you will need to escape before the bomb goes off.

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