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    Arcane Dragons android, ios hack codes

    Hi, hero of Allensia, my name is cheat-on, and I will be in charge of supporting you. You will face countless battles and quests. Please follow me. Monsters of the dungeon use special effects below. Be prepared! From now on, you will be a knight of the royal templars. Save Allensia from its threats. Stories seen before can be played again by pressing the “replay story” from the screen before store mode starts. You have new equipment in your inventory? Let's equip it. First, you need to select an equipment from the inventory and press “equip”. You can also compare it with the current equipment. Pay close attention to find suitable equipment for yourself.

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    Welcome game Arcane Dragons! A weapon has unique skills and an armor has unique abilities. Equipment has different stats, so it's important to find what's the best for you. It is important to clear a dungeon in a short time to obtain a high ranking. To enchant equipment, you need to select one first. Select an equipped weapon, armor or accessory. Use upgrade stone to enchant your equipment. You can use multiple materials at once to level up and equipment also can be used as materials. If you enchant equipment, its base stats increase. Attack for weapon, and defense for armor. You can also use weapons to enchant your equipment. This is an essential course to become stronger, so don't forget. Once the tier increases, the Max enchant level and stats increase too. Use the enchant and evolution well.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Arcane Dragons android bug codes: accessories can be equipped by all characters. You can summon your friends in the battle. Some weapons come with uniques skills. Unique skills are effective during battle. Use it with other skills together for best efficiency. Remember and use helpful effects and combinations for skills. Skills consume MP when cast. During combat, HP or MP may become pretty low, and that's when you use the potions. You can only bring 5 potions when you enter a dungeon, so be careful. The equipment we enchanted a while ago has reached its Max level. You can evolve it in this case. Evolve the enchanted equipment with max level to increase its tier. To evolve equipment to the next tier, you need the same amount of material equipment of the current tier. This is how you raise the tier of the equipment. But, the level of the equipment will be reset, so please watch out.

    Tips Arcane Dragons: Each equipment has hidden abilities. You need to rank up the equipment to reveal the abilities. Those abilities are applied randomly, so you need to rank up various equipment to find the right one for you. Upon rank up, material items will disappear. Gold cost varies depending on the targeted rank and materials. Additional option will be activated upon rank up. For Rank Up, you need RANK UP Stones. RANK UP Stones can be acquired in Daily Dungeons. Improving skills is the best way to train oneself. There are active and passive skills. Both are equally important, so train them wisely.

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