real steel champions
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    I'm Max from team atom. Are you ready to take the ride for a robot boxing championship? Start by building your own robot. Here's a mainframe that can be fight-ready in no time.

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    Upgrade power to increase your robot's attack damage. Own legendary robots for a piece of the real steel history. You bot comes with one stock moves for each category. You can also upgrade with custom moves. Some opponents real steel champions come equipped with a Boost. Don't be out-matched. Ypu can always preview parts, moves & paints before purchasing them. On the build screen go to the owned section to view all your robots.

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    • cvKBtA - 100x reward doubler;
    • c5pSpA - cheats: boost;
    • N7kAfM - gold;
    • rrVNs3 - silver;
    • Wgmauk - level up;
    • g05rJF - unlimited energy;
    • 7DiUUU - trashbox;
    • ittN65 - mod money
    • g0565 - cash

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