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    Hacked Miracle World android, ios

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    Miracle World android, ios hack codes

    A world full of vitality... The old continent and prosperous rising continent. Carrying many popular legends. Human – the main role of miracle in wonderland. Research on crystal as energy source. Let the human beings enter a new height of civilization. Good times don't last long, with the change of energy science. Let the most powerful charles empire split up. Conspiracy, power, hatred...Shining crystal has been destroyed by human sin, but new stories are taking place.

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    Welcome game Miracle World! Your heroes can move within blue zone. Please move 3 tiles forward. After moving, the hero will get into normal attack status. Your heroes can attack within red zone. After attacking, the card will enter standby status and foe's turn will begin. Otherwise, you must tap standby manually. Hero skills can deal more damage. When enemy in the red zone, hero can attack without moving. Finish the story, can get massive item rewards. Spirit has many effects, that can make a difference in battles. Skill and spirit consume MP of cards. After using spirit, hero can still attack or use a skill. Collect advance materials to advance heroes. Hero Transfer. Not only the slats increases greatly, but the appearance will change significantly.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Miracle World android bug codes: invaders in the battlefield of miracle will drop massive rare items. Breakthrough can unlock hidden attributes. About Type defenses: Water counters Fire, Fire counters Wood, wood counters Thunder. Thunder counters Water, Holy & Dark counters each another. Click standby, the direct operation of the next action sequence of the hero. Bond exists between heroes, making it possible for 2 heroes to use joint skill. The harder side quest, the more rewards. Free vision is available in the map. Opp belongs to the assault warrior, can impact the enemy's array and give a number of enemies damage! At the right moment, use the hero's skill and position, more conducive to the play of the strategy! Ores can be used to craft equipment.

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