hacking Drakenlords Card Duels
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    Hacked Drakenlords Card Duels android, ios

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    Drakenlords Card Duels android, ios hack codes

    The adventure begins! You have learned the secret to becoming a Drakenlord: you will have to find a dragon and make it yield its will to you. Knight – daring and seeking adventure, knights trample their enemies with mighty charges and battle alchemy. Vampire noble – canny and resourceful, vampires fight from the shadows, keeping their minions strong. Orc chief – thick-skinned warriors and engineers, orcs are hard to kill with spells or swords. Reduce the enemy's health to zero to win. Drag towards the enemy to attack. Minion – it will fight for you. Drag it to the center to play it. Minions can't attack the turn you summon them. Don't forget to attack with your warlord.

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    Welcome game Drakenlords Card Duels! Your minion has 3 attack. Attack the enemy warlord with it! Minions die when their health drops to zero. Victory demands sacrifice! Fire blast – deal 4 damage to the enemy warlord. Spells are powerful effects you can play once. The enemy has minions, but you can ignore them. You start each game with 2 mana. Minions can't attack on the turn you play them. You recover all your mana each turn, and gain one extra point. Hunting arrow – deal damage to an enemy unit. Some minions have special traits or abilities. Shield bearer has block. It forces your units to attack it first.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Drakenlords Card Duels android bug codes: tap and hold over a card to see its ability. Haste – can attack on the same turn it is summoned. You can either attack OR use your active ability each turn. Use your active ability as much as you can! Some minions have an active ability, like your warlord. Units with stealth cannot be attacked or targeted until they attack. But using active abilities doesn't break stealth. Stealth – cannot be attacked or targetted until it attacks. Remember to play your cards. You can hold up to 10 in your hand.

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