hacking Dungeon Champions
  • Cheats, hack Dungeon Champions: coins, vip, wheel coupon, gem card, skill stone, bloodstone, soul spar. Hacked game Dungeon Champions bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Dungeon Champions android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • blood stone — HTksoi ;

    • coins — qGTodC ;

    • rare mercenaries: energy essence, rune, scrolls, medal of brave — QNdqUW ;

    • skill stone — ghTmug ;

    • gem card — er44re ;

    • wheel of dawn coupon — ykhGtL .

    Dungeon Champions android, ios hack codes

    Ranger: better at shooting and dealing damage than sharp shooter. Fire whisperer: excels at dealing massive damage instantly and more damage over time using fire magic. Ice whisper – expert of controlling enemies by using frost magic. Berserker – deals more damage than guardian in battlefield. Guardian — great defender, and good at protecting teammates. Shaman – better at surviving and supporting allies than judge. Judge – deals more powerful damage than shaman.

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    Welcome game Dungeon Champions! The Hellhound Gam is a fierce beasl patrolling the doorways of Underworld. Hold the attack button to attack continually. Use a skill to inflict massive damage. To earn deluxe rewards, consecutive sign in days reach: claim rewards by login every day. It will reset if interrupted. There will be luxurious rewards for login every 7 straight days. Sacred ring – a gift from angel. Only the chosen one could unseal the power of ring. Description: it can be unsealed 1 day after your character creation. Only the strength inside your body can unseal it when the dawn comes again. Enter game tomorrow to get a ring which can dramatically increase HP, damage, physical armor and magical armor when equipped like a level 34 orange ring.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dungeon Champions android bug codes: Earn more experience and coins by clearing dungeons with higher scores. You may boost your vip level for more drawing. Hacking gems could boost your vip level. The Divine shield guards is a branch of the order, responsible for protecting important people. Hire mercenaries from the mercenary tavern. Boost your faction reputation and your rank by defeating players from the opponent faction. The new equipment has inherited the old equipment's improvement bonuses, and the old equipment has been sold for coins x 200.

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