hacking Zombie Virus
  • Cheats, hack Zombie Virus: unlimited lives, DNA, sticks, virus lotto, gold coins, mega lotto, gem crystals. Hacked game Zombie Virus bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Zombie Virus android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack lives - bgd4ut ;

    • gems crystal — HTksoi ;

    • DNA — qGTodC ;

    • sticks — QNdqUW ;

    • mega lotto — ghTmug ;

    • gold coins — er44re ;

    • virus lotto — ykhGtL .

    Zombie Virus android, ios hack codes

    Doctor! Doctor! We're in trouble! There are swarms of soldiers outside the laboratory! The zombies died on their own. The zombie virus hasn't been perfected yet! Well, there's no need to worry, i'll make the perfect virus very soon! The soldiers just keep coming! We have to get out of here! We're going to speed up our work perfecting the zombie virus to purify the Earth.
    Is there any way we can make the zombies stronger? The zombie virus becomes more powerful when zombies unite. There are many different viruses to upgrade the zombies.ombies uses as upgrade materials will disappear, but they give experience according to their value.

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    Welcome game Zombie Virus!We're launching Zombie Virus on OS! To celebrate the brain-starved Apple users joining our horde, we're giving out a free 3-Star Lotto ticket to everyone! Check your mailbox for the ticket and tell your friends to download Zombie Virus from the App Store! Florist – infected while receiving flowers. Priest – while splashing holy water on zombies. Chief Bedouin – while leading Bedouins on the move. The big frog zombie only stomps humans. It doesn't affect zombies.You've created a zombie paradise on Earth with your great leadership.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Zombie Virus android bug codes: Construction Worker has been given as a tutorial reward. A friend's zombie will be revived in 4 hours. A human who is bitten by a zombie will turn into a zombie and inherit its stats. Only humans can be infected with the H1N1 virus. Are you still playing zombie virus alone? Tell your friends about it! DNA can be extracted by dissecting a zombie.

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