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    Age of Espers android, ios hack codes

    You're the one who just came crashing into the town square. We've got to get out of here, the soldiers are on their way! Tap the lit directional arrow or moving markers to explore the village. My name's cheat-on by the way. Normally the streets aren't torn up by darn magic, unfortunately we have some nasty visitors. I hope you're as tough as you look. We're going to need some serious muscle if we run into our guests. Oh! I almost forgot. If you want to make last minute changes to your team, you can quickly swap espers from select set menu.

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    Welcome game Age of Espers! Your ability is cooling down. Be prepared to attack again once the timer is up. You can focus your attacks by tapping on different enemies. This is crazy, first you mop the floor with those soldiers, then you manage to summon an esper. Lady Illia granted you the power of summoning. Now her allies await in the spirit woods. Seek them out to unlock your power's full potential. Dungeon crawling is tough work. Each time you enter a dungeon you'll lose a little energy. You can see how much energy you have left by checking your energy meter.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Age of Espers android bug codes: don't worry if you run out of energy, you can always buy a recharge from the shop or rest for a whil Spirit woods – a strange and ancient forest teeming with sorcery, the spirit woods are home to the magical creatures known as espers. Touch the mini map to see the complete dungeon map. As you gain levels, new esper slots will unlock letting you bring more espers into battle. Tap the team button so we can see characters you are using. Tap the empty slot to add hero to your team.

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