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    Warrior - the order's warriors are battle hardened soldiers who proved themselves worthy during the last Demon wars. Always found leading the charge, they are just as capable of taking punishment as they ate at dishing it out.
    Green gear has one bonus attribute, blue gear has two, purple and gold have three

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    Assasins Eternity warriors 4 are special Elven agents sent to suppon the Order in their fight against the Demons. Using their supernatural agility, they are able to dance around their opponents, while unleashing lightening quick strikes to dispatch their foes.
    Mage Eternity warriors 4 - many of the order's mages are fox spirits who joined during the Great purge. While not as physically capable as Elves or Humans, their magical abilities allow them to unleash unfathomable destruction to those who would challenge them.
    Use skills to knock enemies in the air and perform powerful combos. The more pieces of an armor set you have equipped, the more bonuses stats you will get. Avoid taking damage to earn a higher rank at the end of the level. Items Eternity warriors 4 have different rarities show by color, ranked from most common to least: white, green, blue, purple, gold.

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