hacking Zombie Go Ballistic
  • Cheats, hack Zombie Go Ballistic: gems, gold, energy, free weapon, nuclear market, super powerful roles. Hacked game Zombie Go Ballistic bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Zombie Go Ballistic android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack vip - bgd4ut ;

    • increase: damage, crit, aim — gfksoi ;

    • unlimited gold — qGTodC ;

    • unlock weapon — QNdqUW ;

    • super powerful roles — ghTmug ;

    • gems— er44re ;

    • free nuclear market — ykhGtL .

    Zombie Go Ballistic android, ios hack codes

    Welcome! I'm cheat-on. The base commander. We will fight together in future. Zombies are raging around the world. We have to resist. This is your first task. Please bravely against the zombies for the peace. Lab battle – here is the task details. Please pay attention to the clear condition. Zombies will appear from the right side and gradually move to the left to attack you. Click or touch the screen to shoot them! Top is your HP, will reduce when attacked by zombies. Game over if health is 0.

    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game Zombie Go Ballistic! If necessary, please click on the nuclear button below the screen. Bomb will destroy all zombies at battle field. Clear the stage without injures, and you get an S and more prizes. I think you might need a better weapon. UMP – good performance and easy to use. Nice choice for beginners. Weapons become more powerful after upgrading. When you feel powerless, come shop to buy and upgrade weapons. Welcome to the skill tree. Where you can upgrade and equip various powerful skills. Equip your new skill, as to use them in battle.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Zombie Go Ballistic android bug codes: Upgrade base skills to a certain level to unlock the advanced skills. Advanced skills tend to be more powerful. You can use new roles to fight. Each one has unique combat skills. Spend coins and gems to upgrade your role. More roles need to be bought to use. Super powerful roles are waiting for you!
    Goddess Anne – holy redeemer: have chance to sec kill a zombie when head shot. Captain Simon – decrease zombies' move speed by 20%. Fury Alan – increase weapon damage by 30%. Zombie Kevin – increase critical chance by 40%. Commander Lorrine – decrease zombies HP by 2%.

    how to enter hack cheats Zombie Go Ballistic.

  • how and where enter
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