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    Conquerors Winds of Chaos android, ios hack codes

    It looks like we managed to ditch the tail of empire troops. But most of them has been annihilated and remained generals are only three. It looks like and old ruined castle. It seems to be shabby but it will not be problem to stay if we fix it little bit. Please, establish the foothold to build unified kingdom after regain the power and finish the Empire's tyranny. First, there is hostile Barbarian surround us. We need to exterminate them and bring the security to this area. And all required operations, which has to be done, are recorded in here so that lord can see them at any time.

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    Welcome game Conquerors Winds of Chaos! You can change the troops formation before getting into the battle. It is better to have advantageous formation compare to enemy's formation. First row is defense unit as shield. In other words, it is better to have a formation with Spearman unit. They are armed with a lot of stamina and remarkabe defensive power so that they are good for defending the enemy's attack. However, their speed is very slow so it is better to put them on the first row.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Conquerors Winds of Chaos android bug codes: when you accomplish the mission you will get reward. If you don't know the mission location then press quest place. Need many capable generals (heros) to lead many soldiers in the battle. Every hero has three arm of service types. There are defense type, long range type, speed type. More star makes better ability. Can promote hero with hero's soul stone. Hero will amplify the ability of the hero's troops. Therefore power of soldiers with better generals get stronger. Combat skill using by a hero. There are two types of skills which are active skill and passive skill. Active skill is the skill can use directly during the battle. If there is no special direct order from monarch, then generals can use it by themselves. Passive skill is the ability can be always activated without specific control. But this ability can be activated when hero becomes star level 3. If a hero becomes leader of troop then this passive ability will apply to all army. Therefore it is important strategy who will became leader. Defense type heroes only can lead the defense unit such as holly spearman, minotaur, golem and so on.

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