hacking Curio Quest
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    Hacked Curio Quest android, ios

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    Curio Quest android, ios hack codes

    Select your first Curio to battle with. Select one of your Curio's abilities to attack your opponent. Some abilities have cooldowns. Use your other abilities while you want wait for them to recharge. When your opponent's Curios have no more health, you win the battle. You can press and hold on abilities to see what they do. Some attacks deal bonus damage to certain types of hero. You can use extra experience on character to level them up outside of battle. Select one of your available skills to learn or upgrade.

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    Welcome game Curio Quest! Some skills cost mana and can only be used a few times each battle. Purchase new heroes to use in the shop with gold earned through battles. Apply boosts to your characters to gain bonuses to their stats. You can disable which hero on your team earn experience from battles by clicking on them. Create new Curios with items found throughout the game. Battle against other players to earn gold, experience and items. Try your luck by playing the arcade. Gold outline – this means that if you place a tile here, you'll complete that light green territory. By filling coloured zones you create different territories.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Curio Quest android bug codes: bacterial culture – component used in creating things in the lab. Macrobe – a cure for the common gold on another world went wrong, and resulted in the creation of these hero. Earn special rewards every day you play! Discs randomly give base form hero. Best rates for epics on 5x buys. Use your creatures' abilities at the end of each turn. You can strengthen world shard by placing world tiles. The correct spots for you to place tiles in are outlined in blue. Did you notice how the tile assumed the correct orientation on its own? Watch this behavior while you place a few more tiles.

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