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    BattleLore Command android, ios hack codes

    It began on Hemfar Isle, where an ancient Daqan fortress guards the eastern border of Kell. The soldiers at the garrison were accustomed to quiet, uneventful seasons, staring at the desolate terrain of the Ru across the river, where the only movement belonged lo shadows and vermin.
    When the twisted forms of the ancient enemy began to appear, there was scarcely lime lo raise the alarm. The Locust had returned. An ancient enemy, the Uthuk Y'llan, are mounting a surprise attack against the Dagan garrison at Hernfar Isle. The Uthuk will show you no mercy. Threat them in kind.

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    Welcome game BattleLore Command! Warrior – high attack damage and health, mighty and strong, good at melee battles. Archer – good at ranged battle, uses poison and the power of nature, can deal great damage! To arms! Commander, the Uthuk have come in force. We must deploy what few men we have and defend Hernfar isle! Each mission begins with deployment. Your standing army appears at the bottom of the screen. Note that each unit has a gold cost associated with it. Citadel guard and Yeoman archers both cost 4 gold to deploy to the field. Each mission has a gold limit, indicated by this number. Units deployed to the battlefield count their gold cost toward this limit.

    Secrets cheat gameplay BattleLore Command android bug codes: your original skills will become AOE skills after the first advance. Roc warrior do not benefit from occupying forest or building hexes. Units with the immoveable ability ignore a certain number of results generated against them. Tap the continue button to complete deployment and reveal the enemy. At the beginning of each battle you receive 2 random lore powers. Drag through your commands until you find the one that allows you to order 2 units in the left lane and 1 unit in the center lane. Each of your units have a movement value. You can move your ordered units a number of hexes up to that value during the movement phase. You may also elect to not move them at all. A unit's movement is represented on the battledield with blue highlighted hexes. Movement can be limited by the presence of terrain and other units. In this instance, the citadel guard cannot move through the forest, the building, the broken wall or the archers.

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