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    Hacked Gates of Epica android, ios

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    Gates of Epica android, ios hack codes

    Sword Master wakes up to a world In utter chaos, the Titans have become faster, stronger and smarter. He picks up his blade once more to fight for the world. Shadow mage – her specialty are her powers to manipulate her opponents. She is devoted to darkness, granting her demonic powers that can destroy foes out of the shadows. Guardian – the battlefield being his second home, he is a bulwark against the enemy hordes, but also commands mighty healing powers. Knight – his specialty is dealing magestic damage. He can summon a mighty arsenal of bone crushing weapons to destroy his foes.

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    Welcome game Gates of Epica! My name is cheat-on. I need your help! Epica is attacked by monsters! Tap on the monster once to target it. Your hero will attack it automatically. Enemies drop all kinds of loot like this crafting item or coins. You will need it later to improve your hero. For now just collect as much loot as possible. Level up – you grow stronger and unlock mighty skills. You will be confronted with lots of new riddle situations on your journey. Your hero can carry 2 different dual wield weapons. Do not forget to craft the second one. Normal attacks and normal skills can not harm these vile beasts. You are a mighty hero – so you have a special skill that can harm him. Using skills in a boss battle costs mana. But no worries – it refills over time. Home base – from here you can manage your adventure. Your home base holds a lot of neat functionalities like crafting or skill upgrades. But you need time to restore them first.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Gates of Epica android bug codes: always keep an eye on the party's health bar in a boss battle. The fuller it is the stronger your attacks will be. Join a world boss via the boss HUB. You will get the best rewards and can help out other heroes. Your party will not die in a boss battle if your party health reaches 0, but your party gets exhausted and can no longer attack. Just heal it up again. Mr. Owl has lived in the capital for centuries. If a mission is too hard, you can replay older missions or play in another difficulty mode. The Elder is the oldest person in Epica. He is so old that he even withnessed the first time monsters overran Epica. Kill small enemies that wander around the boss battle. They might drop some additional mana points. You can also access the map of Epica here and fast travel to distant locations. Stars can be collected from missions by defeating all monsters that nest in it.

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