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    Hacked Like A Boss android, ios

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    Like A Boss android, ios hack codes

    Tap enemies once to start attacking them. Tap on the level to interact with it. Drag your finger on the screen to aim the skill, release to cast. Priest are healing the warrior! Attack them instead. Use bladestorm to eliminate all remaining heroes. Toggle auto fight to assist you in the fight to come. While auto fight is on, your Boss will find and attack nearby targets with its basic attack, however you can still manually move and attack to regain control of your boss. Use all your skills to eliminate as many heroes as you can.

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    Welcome game Like A Boss! These damned heroes! Now another week until you respawn! You need a champion to avenge you! And all you have to choose from are those pathetic recruits.. they aren't worthy of fighting for me but.. You have to choose one. First you need to choose which race will have the honor of fighting for you... will it be the dragons, skeletons or krakens? Undead – you might think that a skeleton without flesh and muscles would be frail.. but you couldn't be more wrong. Dragonkin – these legendary creatures are tired of having their hoard stolen. They will do anything to have their revenge. So hard to pick between those useless races, but you have to choose one. Your campaign progression in the game is shared between all of your bosses. The further you are able to go into the campaign, the better the rewards you will get.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Like A Boss android bug codes: what, you think the life of an Evil boss is just crushing heroes and burning villages? Ha, such innocence... I wonder what kind of sick game developer decided it was a good idea to have a 7 days respawn time for bosses.. that's just cruel. Which class should your champion be: warlord, executioner, spell weaver? Different boss classes have access to different skills, powers and armor sets.
    Howling woods – I know it's not very impressive but it's from here you will perform your evil deeds at first. Here you can access all regions in the world. The most important one will always be marked with a “!”. Here you will see your objectives and rewards I this level, and what you can steal from the body of fallen heroes. These are worthless novice heroes so you can't steal anything.

    Tips Like A Boss: the more powerful you are, the more skills you are able to unlock. Skill points – you earn 1 every time you level up or hacking cheats, and they are used to learn new skills. Passive skills – once learnt, they are always active. Tap on one to see what it does. You can read the description of any selected skill. Active skills – unlike passive skills, you need to use these during combat. Note that you can only have one of those per line. Reset button boss – it allows you to forget all your skills, and learn new ones.

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