hacking Heavenstrike Rivals
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    Hacked Heavenstrike Rivals android, ios

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    Heavenstrike Rivals android, ios hack codes

    battles that go on for too long end in a draw. Units with regeneration restore 2 hp at the stars of their turn. If enemy Hp reaches 0, you win the battle. If you're going to take enemy hero down, you'll need some units. Oh, take these mana crystals too. You'll need them to deploy your units. Drag and drop a unit into the highlighted square to deploy it. Deploying units costs mana from your mana crystals. Hp – how much damage the unit can take. Attack – how much damage he deals. Each turn you get two more mana crystals. Use them to deploy more units.

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    Welcome game Heavenstrike Rivals! When a unit is defeated, the mana used to deploy it returns to the captain's mana crystals. Enemy unit is trying to sneak through and attack? Drag your unit up to block its path. You can switch the lane of your units like that to get them into a better position. Each unit has a class. Fighters use two handed weapons. They're tough, and hit hard. Fighters have a skill called fury – basically, it gives them bonus attack after they attack an enemy. When you level up, it increases your maximum supplies – which means you can go on more missions. Inventory – where you can see all your units and items. You can also level up your units by training them, either with other units or experience items.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Heavenstrike Rivals android bug codes: battles that go on for too long end in a draw. Immobilized units cannot move, but can still attack. If a spell skill has no valid targets, it won't be used when the token is deployed. Not sure what to do? Tap the auto button and let the AI help you out. You get two more mana at the start of your turn, up to a maximum of 10. Tap and drag your units up and down to switch lanes and surprise your opponent. Scouts can move up to three squares per turn, and they carry two weapons. A fallen scout – watch out, these guys have doublestrike. Scouts use their doublestrike skill to attack twice every turn. XP items can be used to level up your units. Trinity Lions – a self defense force based in the Forsaken territories. They have bases on three islands: Cohenham, Davison and Kennwich.

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