hacking D.N.Age
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    Hacked D.N.Age android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • gold — gfksoi ;

    • offline — qGTodC ;

    • upgrade, evolve — dDdqUW ;

    • artifacts — ghTmug ;

    • premium crystals — er44re ;

    • stamina energy — ykhGtL .

    D.N.Age android, ios hack codes

    Press the monster list on the bottom to view monster info and recover status ailments. Check the monsters' status to make sure they aren't 'passed out'. Monsters are wild things at heart, but some of them like to befriend humans and elves. They will help you. You will meet them during your adventures. Wild monsters are not very powerful. You must upgrade them. If you can understand their DNA, then you can create stronger monsters. Cheat-on will teach you the basics.

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    Welcome game D.N.Age! I am cheat-on, your assistant, master. Starting from today, you are a legitimate monster master, so I will call you “master”. From today, we will be adventuring to unleash the dimensional energy. Pure, wild monsters have not been modified, so they are limited in fighting against truly powerful monsters. We will be modifying wild monsters to specialize them for battle. And take them with us on expeditions. These upgrades are based on DNA, for which we need merging. There are many races of monsters, and we need to team up with those who suit our needs. Also, monsters can be used to create new monsters with various powers. Utilizing the genetic rule can lead to expression of powerful factors that can strengthen a race.

    Secrets cheat gameplay D.N.Age android bug codes: select the quick menu from the upper side of the screen and press the habitat button to travel. To improve breed, you must understand what DNA is. The merging D.N. Age basically follows the genetic rule. Each race has a unique DNA structure, and each monster has a different genetic map. DNA traits are divided into dominance and recessive types, and on the monster DNA tab, Dominance is displayed in capital, and recessive in small letter. Traits are shown as pairs for each DNA. A pair of DNA trait and its composition determines the expression of stats. You can view the current traits and stat expressions of each monster in the monster 'DNA tab'.

    how to enter hack cheats D.N.Age.

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