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    Hacked Braveland Wizard android, ios

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    Braveland Wizard android, ios hack codes

    Diana studied magic for ten years at the wizard's academy. Finally, the last day of her studies arrived. According to tradition, the council of professors granted Diana a wizard's staff. But she still needed to earn the title of wizard by passing one final test...The outside world is dangerous. Who knows how it has changed after all these years.

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    Welcome game Braveland Wizard! The number shows how many fighters are in the unit. You can move to highlighted cells. Tap the cell and move the unit. The more fighters in a unit, the more dangerous it is. Tap the enemy unit and attack it. The fewer the fighters in a unit, the weaker it is. Keep attacking the unit to defeat it. The unit of bandits is far away, and damage dealt to it will be weaker. The wolves are closer, and they will take more damage. Ranged units deal damage without a penalty to targets marked with a solid circle.

    Secrets cheat gameplay android bug codes: you can change the game difficulty in settings at any time. Normal – familiar with the genre of strategies. Hard – expert strategist. The archers have received the ice arrow special ability. Use ice arrow to slow down the enemy. The special ability recharges in a few rounds. You have received talent points? Use them for training. The strength branch improves attacks. The wisdom branch improves defense.

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