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    A lot of Stories android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to tales from a hidden past. You will travel through a variety of dungeons, strengthening the bonds between your men. Form a party from the characters on the left. Feel free to choose whoever you like. These characters are equipped with upgraded weapons and armor, and can use some powerful skills. Once you have formed a party, set forth into the dungeon. Different cards produce different effects. Every dungeon is composed of several levels. Every time you complete a dungeon level, the next level will become unlocked.

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    Welcome game A lot of Stories! Cheepy – this monster can peck you to death with its sharp beak. Make sure you don't get surrounded. When forming a party, think about the characteristics of the dungeon. Gold essence – a gold material used to forge weapons. Keep both men and women in your party, since all armor is for men or women only. Characters who wield rods have low health. Try to avoid forming an all rod party. When you move a ranged unit in the movement phase, potential enemy targets become marked with a red target icon. This icon indicates that the enemy unit can be targeted in the combat phase if you elect to move your ranged unit to the selected hex. In the combat phase, each of your ordered units who has a target within range may attack.

    Secrets cheat gameplay A lot of Stories android bug codes: if the defending unit is not eliminated by the attacking unit, it performs a counter attack. This is only true if the units are still adjacent to one another after the initial attack. For each morale result generated by the attacking unit, the defending unit must retreat one hex directly away from it. You can view detailed information about a unit at any time by selecting that unit then tapping on the unit portrait. Here you can view a unit's stats, special abilities and any status effects from which they may be suffering or benefitting. Attacking units generate a number of combat results equal to their combat value. Combat results are generated randomly to help simulate the chaos and unpredictability of battle.

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