World of Warriors
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    Boneshaker's cronies are back. Help us! When the marker hits the red area tap the screen. Greater accuracy means more damage!

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    All materials have a description on where to get them, should you need them. To the Temple of Epics! We need to amass an army!Mighty warriors and talismans lie behind these doors.
    Helios - the macedonian warrior. Draws health from entire team to strike enemies. Castle fighters had no choice but to become warriors, as it was either hereditary or complusory within their particular class. to trigger special, tap the screen 3 times as the marker moves over the red targets on the sword.
    The blue energy World of Warriors is called mana and is used for special attacks. oaths of loyalty formed a code of conduct for warriors. failure to adhere to such oaths could spell exile or death. If a wounded enemy is being evasive, hunt him down with Switch strice or attacks that damage all members of the enemy team.

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