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    Hacked Devils & Demons android, ios

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    Devils & Demons android, ios hack codes

    A long time ago, a large demonic portal opened up in the shadowlands. Horrendous monstrosities emerged in endless streams...to bring chaos and sorrow over the world of Desola. The armies of man were outnumbered and in disarray. The enemy seemed unstoppable. Only the brotherhood of the order of light was still resisting the evil. To stop the menacing threat, the portal had to be destroyed. A full force frontal assault began...
    The demonic horde was without reinforcements and soon it scattered. After the victory, the order made it their duty to protect all of humankind for centuries to come. Ever since, they have been preparing for the return of the devils and demons.

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    Welcome game Devils & Demons! Tap the tile to select a destination for the character. Tap it again to confirm. Select the ability and attack. Tap the target again, to use the ability. Tap the arrows next to the portrait to switch your characters or select them directly on the laying field. Your character is running short on mana? Use a potion to refill it! Touch the are of effect again to confirm the ability. Press and hold on characters or hud elements, to get more information about it! Ice or holy damage is effective against the hellhole.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Devils & Demons android bug codes: moving a unit and using abilities costs action points. When you move very far, you may not have enough AP left to fight afterwards. While the battle was raging, a small group of heroes flanked the armies and reached the portal unnoticed. A long press on a unit or hud element reveals useful information. Each turn you have 2 action points per character to move and fight. Use your AP wisely. If your heroes are wounded, you can heal them after combat. The monk grew up in a fortified monastery of the order of light, were he was taught the art of healing and close combat. Despite having a rather portly figure, the monk is a tenacious fighter. He is only lightly armored, but he is an experienced fighter with the staff. Additionally, he can use the power of the light to send his enemies back into the abyss.

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