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    Arcane Quest 2 android, ios hack codes

    The land of Auria is divided into 6 countries. Each of them has its own capital city which houses the mighty tower. The tower releases the Aether, an intangible mystical force which empowers the wizards spells. Where the Aether of two towers meet, the myst materializes, a light trace in the air. For centuries, men have used the Myst to delimit the boundaries of a territory. Only a few know the secret of the mighty towers, which are actually powered by the Arcanes, mystical items from past eras, created by a magical race now exctinct. The more Arcanes a city can gather, the more power it has in the region.

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    Welcome game Arcane Quest 2! The current situation is miserable: the 6 counties live in a constant status of cold war, trying to accumulate the most number of Arcanes in order to extend their influence, and defend from the enemy threats. Recently, mercenaries guilds have begun to offer their services of individualization and recover of the Arcanes. Adventurers from all over the world are joining the guilds, but only a few survive this hazardous task. And here, your journey begins. Normal – dead heroes resurrect each time you enter the dungeon. Unlimited saves per dungeon. Hardcore – dead heroes cannot resurrect until the end of the quest. Maximum 3 saves per dungeon. Small experience and gold bonus.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Arcane Quest 2: please remember – you are allowed to access the world map, the city hub and the weapons and spells merchants only between quests. Once you have accepted a quest, you can only change your equipped items, but you cannot buy or sell them. You can pick your team members only at the beginning of a new quest. Every turn, each of your heroes is allowed to move and perform one of the following actions: attack an enemy, cast a spell, search the room for secrets and treasures; disarm a trap; search an item or chest;. The small icons under the hero indicate if he can still move or perform an action. During his turn, a hero can also use one item from his inventory, or pass it to a nearby ally. Please note that you cannot stack the same item or spell effects on a single hero. The effect would be wasted.

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