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    Hacked StormTree android, ios

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    StormTree android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, stranger! Dark forces are corrupting the lifeblood of the forest and the minds of our Lorian people. We need your help in Merilas. Some corrupted minions have overrun abandoned gold mine. If you can defeat them, it is yours to keep! Village – no one will be able to attack you here. You're going to need somewhere to store your gold and loot, so build yourself a headquarters. Win some more gold and you'll be able to upgrade it as well as expand your village.

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    Welcome game StormTree! You're going to need more gold to be able to upgrade your headquarters. We need help fighting the corrupted hordes so check out your quests. The more armor you have the less damage you will take from attacks. That blunt sword you wield is not going to be strong enough to defeat tougher enemies. Build yourself an armory and craft yourself a new dagger! Before you can build an armory you need to upgrade your headquarters. The blacksmith at your armory can craft you deadly weapons and powerful armor. Your blacksmith is good but crafting takes a little time.

    Secrets cheat gameplay StormTree: if you need an item quickly you can speed the process up using Skylithium crystal. Remember to collect the gold from your mine then check your next quest! You should place some defenses before more enemies come to steal all your precious gold! Each defense takes up credits and this log wall costs 25. The green bar above shows how many credits you have in total. Removing a defense restores the credits it used up. There are different types of defenses.

    how to enter hack cheats StormTree .

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