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    Hacked Dungeon & Knight android, ios

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    • stars — oJcJ1N ;

    • rare items — HO7Ywt ;

    • gold — I1n3dN ;

    • keys — 6zPTJY ;

    • healing potions — 6hsJMz .

    Dungeon & Knight android, ios hack codes

    Warriors have been fighting bravely for many years against the monsters for the justice and word peace. But due to such a small reward and endless request by civilians, they have become exhausted and one by one, started to find other work. With warriors gone, the number of monsters have increased, and the world is once again in chaos. $ years later, a brave warrior appears in the kingdom to restore peace and order in the world. Now the difficult adventure of this warrior begins...Warriors have such a difficult life!

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    Welcome game Dungeon & Knight! I heard that there is a green masked monster that adbucts people and uses them as slaves in this forest. Capture this monster and become a great warrior. Stop them! Those who destroy our hallowed lands must suffer! Venture out into the world, daughter of the forest. There doesn't seem to be much of the enmy forces left, but it still might be dangerous. First, drag from our castle to the invader's castle to move our troops. Watch out for each troop's cooldown. You must make sure that the deploying arrow lands on the desired target castle in order to make the deployment. The arrow will be brighter when it is in the correct position, so pay attention when deploying. Green grounds is a dungeon that has other clear mission objective in addition to hunting monsters.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dungeon & Knight android gameplay: clear rank is determined by your stage clear, finding hidden scriptures and no using potion results. You can buy and sell items, and check quest in town where the ground is blue. Red ground is the dungeon where you can hunt normal monsters. You can get double attack effect when you attack with a weapon that has the same elemental attribute as the monster. The numbers mean the total number of troops in the castle or out in the battlefield. The more troops there are in the castle, the more troops you will be able to send out when you drag. Overwhelm your enemy with your troops. You can unlock troops with sanctum points.

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