hacking 1943 Deadly Desert
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    Hacked 1943 Deadly Desert android, ios

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    1943 Deadly Desert android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, corporal! Here you will learn the basics that will help you to survive on the battlefield. You will take command over reconnaissance party. Your goal is to capture the enemy depot in the village nearby. In order to command your troops, you need to select them first! In order to move your unit, tap once on the marked tile. Each move costs action points which vary depending on the unit and terrain. You can move a unit multiple times if it still has action points left. Confirm the movement by tapping on the tile again.

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    Welcome game 1943 Deadly Desert! Learn standart military tactics and lead your first combat operation. Long press on a unit to display its attack range! You can capture enemy buildings, if there are no enemy units standing besides them. After selecting an enemy unit, you see the approximate damage that you will deal and the damage your unit will receive highlighted in red. Destroying a unit rewards you with a small amount of gold that you can use for the purchase of new units or usage of abilities. After selecting a unit, youw will see additional information like fuel or ammunition. Supply truck – you can use them to supply your troops as well, but can't buy any reinforcements there.

    Secrets cheat gameplay 1943 Deadly Desert android gameplay: learn everything about the units and tactics in 1943 deadly desert to become a respected leader. Use the fortify ability to gain a defense boost. Fortifying is a great way to ensure the survival of your troops. The boost last until unit moves. Attacked units automatically return fire once per turn. You can use your earned gold to heal units. Use instant resupply to resupply a unit anytime and anywhere! Many units have strengths and weaknesses. The MG squad for example is good against infantry, but ineffective against armored targets. AT squads are very effective against enemy tanks. The flag icon indicates that you can capture the depot. The depot is under your control? We can use stored supplies for our troops or purchase new units.

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