hacking King of War
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    Hacked King of War android, ios

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    • build instantly — 6hsJMz .

    King of War android, ios hack codes

    The king comes to a sudden death, the general kills the crown prince and makes himself king. Then he begins to clean the opponents with blood. Declining aristocrats collude with bandits for benefits. Prosperous empire falls intocivil war and begins to collapse. Scholars exile around, try to find the hope to continue the glory of the empire...
    My lord, we need occupy this city as a stronghold. Rolling Log is a great threat, heavy cavaliers! Destroy the wall! Stop the logs! Heavy cavaliers is getting sniped by archers. Rifleman, penetrate enemy and attack archers.

    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game King of War! Dear Lord, we have occupied the city. However, since we have suffered great losses, we need to rest for a while. Now a Muster Field is needed to help settle down the army. The wall hall is the place for building up the armies, the anti-occupy and anti-plunder deployment can be set here. Upgrade it to increase the quantity limit of the barracks. Please build a barracks. You can train your soldiers here to rebuild your loyal army. The soldiers can be trained and dismissed in the barracks. Upgrade it to train higher level troops and increase the capacity of the military force.

    Secrets cheat gameplay King of War android gameplay: low loyalty hero will be easily captyred, don't ignore this. You can instantly complete the building for free within 5 minutes. Plenty of resources are needed for building the city and the wild monsters occupy the resources and treasures Wipe them out to capture resources and build your city. The soldiers wiped out by monsters will recover immediately at the end of a battle. After the battle, the army will return to the city automatically. The resource management interface can be seen in every city for you to view resource production and consumption. The headquarter is the management center of the city. Upgrade the level of the headquarter to control more farm.

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