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    Storm Wars android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, warlord. Your battles will win glory and determine the fate of world! In this game, cards represent the troops and spells you need to conquer other warlord's armies. Play the campaigh first to build your army and learn more of your world. Go to the arena when you are ready to battle others. In storm wars, battles resolve automatically. You win or lose based on the hero and units you have chosen for your army. Use the speed controls to slow down or speed up the battle. Laertes can inflict deep wounds on enemies within reach of his pilum.

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    Welcome game Storm Wars! Warlord, remember to tap and hold on any card or hero in order to get more information about it! Each turn a card is drawn and enters the staging area, where it will wait a number of turns indicated by the time symbol. Your unit has entered battle and will attack and use any special abilities it may have each turn. If it does not have an opponent blocking it, it will usually attack the enemy hero. For your victory in battle, Hipparch has provided you with additional troops. Use the faction buttons to select which types of cards you wish to add to your army. Tap or click a card to add it to your army. Right click or tap and hold a card for more information.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Storm Wars android gameplay: you can unlock all heroes through game progression. Try clicking show all within the army menu to see the cards you haven't obtained yet. Every week on sunday, player arena rankings are reset, and each player wins a gem prize based on his ranking. With each experience level gained, a hero becomes more powerful. The maximum level is 30. When you place a unit a deck using a hero of the same faction, that unit will gain a morale bonus. Tap and hold a card to see more details. If a spell fires and has no valid targets, it is canceled and returns to your deck.

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